Our menus are refined by our belief in provenance, sustainability, seasonality and locally sourced product.

We celebrate fresh, seasonal, local produce and incorporate produce from our own farm at Kumeu. We pride ourselves in serving ‘real food’ which uses seasonal ingredients of the highest quality. Using honest cooking techniques that showcase the ingredient and not hide or over complicate them.

Real food stands apart from other food philosophies because of our attention to detail and customer focus. Our menus are lovingly crafted with fresh produce from our Kumeu orchard and farm.

Here at HIPGROUP we want to lead the way in using all produce and help the industry acknowledge that flavour and growing practices are much more important than the outer appearance of an ingredient. We want to educate our local growers that there is a demand for these goods, and we are the team who will help them.

Flavour is key!

We want to provide a world class dining experience for our customers in a casual and relaxed environment. To have an interesting, innovative menu that uses the highest quality, sustainably produced local food.